Our Quality Policy

Performing out its investments at the highest level that shall appeal to every stage of the printing sector, Diasan continues its both domestic and overseas activities and operations by being involved in continuous development in parallel with the advancing technology.

Prioritizing unconditional customer and employee satisfaction, the corporation shall always be honored to provide environmentally friendly, time-saving, high quality, economical products and services at international standards.

  • The corporation undertakes the following as its quality policy; being a reliable and sought-after enterprise in an understanding that fully satisfies the requirements and expectations of the customers,
  • closely following and implementing technological developments in order to reduce costs and increase profitability,
  • increasing the productivity, efficiency and quality by effective use of resources and with continuous development,
  • Taking and implementing preventive measures before the occurrence of faults and errors with the participation of the entire employees,
  • Serving the society as a useful organization within the sector and principle economy.