Our Social Responsibility Projects

While Corporate Social Responsibility values are a subject that has taken its place in the Anatolian geography, especially in the line of philanthropy, it is possible to embody this phenomenon with the architectural structures that we can find everywhere in Anatolia on behalf of the founders of DIASAN. The charities, student scholarships, schools, and mosques have been the visible face of the philanthropy of the founders of DIASAN by providing each person passing through this beautiful land with a comfort and development op2018 Annual Report of Sancaklar Education, Culture and Social Assistance Foundation and the locations where this total source of income are spent are shown in detail below.

Details of operations of our Foundation in 2018 are as follows;

  • 275.675 TL education aid to 309 students until the end of May,
  • 736.600 TL scholarship aid to 1332 students for the new academic year in October-November-December, 36.377 TL education aid individually throughout the year,
  • 36.377 TL education aid individually throughout the year,
  • 360.000 TL of 379.300 TL Health aid to the establishment of the Red Crescent Blood Center in Siirt,
  • 1.352.700 TL social aid to various Public Institutions and Organizations, associations, foundations and individuals,
  • 441.700 TL under the name of other miscellaneous assistance; 210.000 TL to Siirt Sports Club, 100.000 TL to Van Security Directorate, 50.000 TL to Siirt Sports-Culture Research Foundation (SİSKAV), 46.700 TL to Siirt Penitentiary,
  • The amount of expenditures made as fuel aid to people in need through Public Institutions and Organizations, Headmen, Foundations, Associations and various persons is 980,758 TL.
  • Again, food aid was provided to people in need through Public Institutions and Organizations, Headmen, associations and foundations and various persons, and 1.759.772 TL was contributed to the organization of iftar dinners during the month of Ramadan.
  • Under other aids, 54.551 TL for clothing, 16.820 TL for Cultural and Social aid,
  • Towards the end of the year, the Sancaklar Dialysis Center, which we have built within the body of the State Hospital in Siirt, was made operational and started its services. The compensation of this situation will be a source of hope for the patients without forcing many people with kidney failure in Siirt to go to big cities such as Ankara and Istanbul and have their treatments there. Our expenditure of 1,127,952 TL related to this facility was realized through payments made on various dates as a result of the mutual protocol concluded with the Governorship of Siirt.

Although we are proud of the stage we have reached at the end of 2018, when we have achieved the 13th year of our foundation, and the social, economic and cultural activities we have performed, we have already committed to our foundation that these activities shall increase in proportion to our income in the coming years and that we will allocate our resources to the people and regions in need of our country, in the meantime, to the issues that Siirt, our hometown, needs and the opportunities of the state do not grow, and we will provide our foundation with success and we wish all a successful year and productive endeavors.

Presenting our compliments.